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Dark Storm Industries - AR-15 Firearm Manufacturer - Gun Store - Range

Dark Storm Industries LLC is celebrating 10 Years as a leading manufacturer and retailer of premium AR-15 rifles. It is our commitment to offer a wide selection of both the products we manufacturer as well as other brands to not only those living in free states but also those who live in States with oppressive and unconstitutional firearms restrictions and bans.  It is our belief that we must continue to work hard to educate new and experienced shooters through the introduction and sale of the AR-15 platform even if it is not in the ideal configuration.  

At Dark Storm Industries, you'll find hundreds of products for both those who take their passions seriously and the professionals that protect and serve others. Dark Storm Industries makes it it's mission to bring you all of the gear that you will need, including rifles, pistol, scopes, red dot scopes, firearm parts and gun accessories, ammunition (handgun, rifle, rimfire, shotgun) and even coffeee, sunglasses and t-shirts.

Shop our Long Island Gun Store and Shooting Range

Dark Storm Industries LLC operates the premier gun store and shooting range in Suffolk County, Long Island.  With over 6500 sq-ft of retail space, we have a diverse range of rifles, shotguns, pistols, ammo, parts and accessories.  We also stock a wide variety of shooting sports related items such as coffee, sunglasses and patches.  Whether you are looking for a gun, a gift certificate or something in between, we have it all.  Our state of the art heated indoor shooting range has a 100% fresh air system for safe and comfortable practice.  Need a lesson?  See our range staff to sign up for group or one on one classes and lessons.  From the beginner to the expert, they can tailor a training program to your specific needs.