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RAND Hawg Grease

Our newest product, H.A.W.G. (Heavy Applications Weapons Grease) was created to lubricate and protect heavy machine guns. A nanoparticle infused, non-toxic, virtually odorless and corrosion resistant grease, H.A.W.G. will cut down on friction and wear in moving metal parts increasing the life of your guns. Because of the extreme heat, high pressure, and heavy loads that machine guns generate, any product created for them has to be extremely strong and durable, and H.A.W.G. fits that bill. With a flashpoint of 619 fahrenheit and a non-combustible grease base, this grease will work on any weapons system. Whether you are a hunter, target shooter, military or police, H.A.W.G. will handle any application you put it to.

Why Should I Use Rand H.A.W.G. Grease?

We have created a non-toxic, nanoparticle infused heavy weapons grease that is far superior to anything on the market. RAND H.A.W.G. uses the power of nanotechnology to protect your firearms from rust, corrosion, oxida- tion, and dirt while greatly reducing friction and wear. With our proprietary blend of nanoparticles and bio-syn- thetic components, H.A.W.G. will last long after you have run out of ammo.

What Does H.A.W.G. Stand For?

H.A.W.G. stands for Heavy Applications Weapons Grease. H.A.W.G. was designed specifically to stand up to the extreme stresses and loads generated by heavy machine guns. Because of this durability, H.A.W.G. works extremely well on all weapons systems, lubricating and protecting your firearms for hunting, target shooting, or storage.

How Does RAND H.A.W.G. Work?

The nanoparticles infused into H.A.W.G. bind to and penetrate the small imperfections in the surface metal of your firearm, which creates a smoother, slicker surface. Combined with our newly formulated corrosion inhibitor, H.A.W.G. will lubricate and protect your firearm in any environment, and will outlast other, more traditional greases.

How Has Rand H.A.W.G. Been Tested?

In the lab: H.A.W.G. has been subjected to rigorous corrosion testing, passing the 100 hour salt spray test used by the U.S. Military. H.A.W.G. also has an extremely low coefficient of friction, and is rated for use in all tempera- tures from -30°F to 619°F. Your firearm will run smoother in most environments.

In The Field: We have tested H.A.W.G. extensively, with corrosive ammo, high round counts and inside suppres- sors. It has performed flawlessly in both normal and extreme environments. The reduction in friction and heat associated with using H.A.W.G. minimizes the wear and maintenance time on your guns. H.A.W.G. works hard so you don’t have to.

Is Rand H.A.W.G. Eco-Friendly? What Is The Flashpoint?

Yes. H.A.W.G. is non-toxic and biodegradable. Our patented formula of naturally occurring nanoparticles com- bined with a biosynthetic grease base created this high performance, eco-friendly product. H.A.W.G. is also non-combustible and has a flashpoint of 619°F, which is one of the highest flashpoints of any product on the market.

Will Rand H.A.W.G. dry up or burn off?

No. Like RAND CLP, H.A.W.G.’s patented formulation of recently discovered nanoparticles bond to the surface metal of your firearm. The combination of this durable bond and high flashpoint means H.A.W.G. will not evapo- rate while you are shooting.

How Should I Use Rand H.A.W.G.?

After cleaning your firearm with RAND Bore & BoltTM and RAND CLPTM, you should apply H.A.W.G. to your bolt, slide, recoil spring, and anywhere else you have metal on metal contact and moving parts. Manufactured to exacting standards, H.A.W.G. will not burn off, and will provide superior lubrication for the most extreme loads you can place on your firearm. H.A.W.G. is also an exceptional corrosion inhibitor. Using H.A.W.G. on your firearm before long-term storage is highly recommended.

How Does Rand H.A.W.G. Stack Up Against The Competition?

Simply put, H.A.W.G. has no competition. H.A.W.G. was specifically designed to lubricate and protect heavy weapons, and there is no other product on the market that offers the level of protection and lubrication H.A.W.G. provides, while remaining non-toxic, non-combustible, and virtually odorless.

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State DS-15 Type Mag Capacity LE Exempt Notes
California Fixed Mag, Featureless Any * Duty Use Only w/ Letter No .50 Caliber
Colorado Standard 15 Duty Use Only w/ Letter  
Connecticut Fixed Mag, Firearm (Non-NFA) 10 No Under 21 years old - 5 Rounds and 30" minimum length
Illinois See Notes 10 No in Chicago,
Duty Use Only w/ Letter Elsewhere
Semiauto rifles prohibited in Aurora, Chicago or Cook County,
Fixed Mag only in City of Highland Park
Indiana Post Ban     Cities of Gary and East Chicago
Maryland Post Ban 10 Yes Must request heavy barrel, adjustable stock is ok.
Massachusets Post Ban, Featureless or Fixed Mag 10 No Featureless DS-9 and DS-10 only, no DS-15
New Jersey Post Ban, Firearm (Non-NFA) 10 No Firearm (Non-NFA) must measure 26" with brace collapsed to shortest position
New York Fixed Mag or
10 (5 in NYC) Yes No DS-15's in NYC
Puerto Rico Post Ban Any Duty Use Only w/ Letter No Springfield XD, XD-M or XD-S Pistols
Washington DC Fixed Mag or
10 Duty Use Only w/ Letter .50 BMG Prohibited

* California PL 32310 "Large Capacity Magazines" was ruled unconsitutional on March 29, 2019 in Duncan vs AG of State of California Case 3:17-cv-01017-BDN-JLB Document 87.  We will ship magazines of any capacity to California until such a time as this ruling is stayed or overturned.  Be aware that if that happens possession may again become illegal without any notice.