Pistol Brace Swap

With the new ATF rulling regarding pistol braces, we have created a solution for dealers to keep and continue selling their inventory of DSI Pistols and DSI Non-NFA Firearms. The brace itself is the only problematic feature, reclassifying the firearm as an SBR.

For dealers and distributors with a standing inventory of DSI braced firearms:

  • Please complete the form below telling us how many braced DSI firearms you have in stock by model and color, and providing their respective serial numbers.
  • We then ask that you remove the braces and send them back to us.
  • Once we confirm the serial numbers, we will send you out corresponding buffer tube covers which will slide on over the buffer tube to give the firearm a finished look.

This will not change the configuration of the firearm. Pistols will still be pistols and non-NFA firearms will still be non-NFA firearms.
You can continue business as usual.

NOTE: All new orders for DSI pistols and non-NFA firearms will ship with Thordsen Buffer Tube Covers.