Range Construction Blog


UPDATE 12-6-2016

  • Substantial completion, pending inspections.

UPDATE 12-1-2016

  • Control systems installed and programmed

UPDATE 11-20-2016

  • Internal ducts and diffuser for heating / ventilation units installed

UPDATE 11-7-2016

  • Rooftop heating / ventilation units installed on the roof

UPDATE 10-30-2016

  • The interior range fit out is nearly complete.
  • The angled backstop with 10 tons of rubber chip is installed.
  • The safety ceiling and safety baffles are installed.
  • The bullet resistant lane dividers and double shelves are installed
  • The target travelers are hung and pending controls and testing
  • The rubber panels for noise reduction and ricochet protection are being installed

UPDATE 10-20-2016

  • The ventilation system duct work is being delivered and installed

UPDATE 10-10-2016

  • Three coat epoxy / urethane floor now complete

UPDATE 10-3-2016

  • Spray foam insulation for air seal and noise reduction installed.

UPDATE 9-27-2016

  • Roof cut and curbs installed for both exhaust and make up air systems

UPDATE 9-20-2016

  • Rooftop curbs arrived, pending installation
  • Final HVAC ductwork measurements completed, ductwork in fabrication

UPDATE 9-7-2016

  • PLC to control HVS (Heating & Ventilation System) as well as lane timing, target travelers and lighting has arrived and is being programmed.

UPDATE 8-22-2016

  • Construction Permit approved and issued by Town
  • Heating and Ventilation Equipment ordered
  • Backstop, ceiling baffles and dividers ordered and in fabrication

UPDATE 8-20-2016

  • Range Systems has completed the interior fabrication drawings for the baffles, dividers and backstop. They are being reviewed, commented on and should be released to fabrication shortly.

UPDATE 7-27-2016

  • Range construction permit has been issued!

UPDATE 4-13-2016

  • Kick off meeting with Town Building Department Completed
  • Architect and Mechanical Engineer hired and design process started
  • Preliminary drawings are expected early May
  • Range System selected as backstop and baffle supplied
  • All Seasons selected as HVAC contractor
  • Reviewing optinos for custom glass lane dividers

UPDATE 11-28-2015

  • The range walls are 100% complete and the ceiling baffle steel supports are now rigged to their final home.

UPDATE 11-24-2015

  • The range walls are nearly complete. The steel bar joists that will support the ceiling baffles have arrived and are waiting for final placement.

UPDATE 11-20-2015

  • Range walls are under construction. Over 2000 cement blocks need to be installed.

UPDATE 11-18-2015

  • Concrete footing is poured. The first of many deliveries of block is justed arrived.

UPDATE 11-5-2015

  • Excavation of the footing is complete, rebar is installed, just waiting for the concrete.

UPDATE 10-31-2015

  • Demolition is underway! The concrete floor is being cut and removed to allow for the installation of the concrete footing that will support the range walls.