Utah Multi State Concealed Carry Course

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Will you be traveling outside of New York for business or pleasure? Are you looking to go hunting with your handgun in another state or simply want to exercise your Second Amendment right to protect yourself and/or your family while in another state? If so, this course is for you!

Our non-resident Utah pistol permit course will cover/provide the requirements, for paperwork and fingerprinting needed to apply for your carry permit in the state of Utah. For New York residents, once approved, this will give you the legal right to carry in up-to 35 states, which is shown on the map pictured. This class is approx. 4 hours long.

States that you will have permits in: Utah 

What’s Included:

  • Applications for the state of UT to include fingerprint card
  • The UT course taught by a certified UT instructor
  • UT application stamped and signed by UT certified instructor
  • Fingerprints rolled on fingerprint cards for UT
  • Help with questions during and after the course

What’s NOT included:

  • Postage for the envelopes (2+ stamps each)
  • The $63.25 application fee paid to Utah (then only $15 every five years)
  • Passport photo for Utah application

Terms & Conditions:

  • You must be a LEGAL United States Citizen in order to attend this course.
  • Past convictions may or may not prohibit you from obtaining your pistol permit.
  • You do NOT need a New York Pistol Permit to attend this course, to apply for, or be issued a pistol permit in Utah 
  • This course does not cover the steps to apply for a New York pistol permit.
  • The successful completion of this class does not guarantee the issuance of a carry permit in New York or Utah. The issuance of a carry permit remains at the discretion of the licensing officer of the county or state that you are applying in.
  • Reciprocity between states change frequently. DSI can not be held accountable if states change their laws, formal or informal reciprocity with any other state. Students are responsible for confirming reciprocity between states before traveling to said states.
  • This is NOT a live-fire course! DO NOT BRING ANY GUNS OR AMMO TO THIS COURSE!
Florida CCW Permit Live Fire Proficiency Test

Gun Laws & Restrictions

Ammunition, Magazines and other items are restricted in various jurisdictions throughout the United States. Please know the laws in your local jurisdiction. Dark Storm Industries will work with you to accommodate any legal purchase in these areas. Below are a few examples. Please contact us with any questions.


New York City - Ammunition order up to 200 rounds only. The buyer must provide a copy of their NYC Rifle / Pistol Permit before the order can ship. The easiest way to do this is simply photograph it with your Smart Phone and email it to info@dark-storm.com with your order number.

New York State - Ammunition may be ordered online BUT only for in-store pickup. Effective 30 days from when the NYSP puts their background check system online, you will need to provide any required information (TBD) and pass the background check to complete the transaction. If you are purchasing ammunition for a pistol you will need to show your NYS pistol permit.

Connecticut - For ammunition orders, the buyer must email a copy of their Connecticut pistol permit, eligibility certificate, long gun eligibility certificate or an ammunition certificate along with a valid form of identification in order to purchase ammunition. The easiest way to do this is simply photograph it with your Smart Phone and email it to info@dark-storm.com with your order number.

Stun Guns and Tasers

New York State - no sales to residents of New York City. All other counties are ok for retail or shipment.

Rifles & Magazines

Law Enforcement - If you are attempting to purchase a firearm or magazine in a jurisdiction where they are restricted to Law Enforcement Only, you will need to provide a copy of your law enforcement ID card before we can ship and if stated below, a letter authorizing the purchase for duty use on agency letterhead.

Below is a compilation of publicly available information to assist you in your purchases. The information contained herein should not be considered legal advise or any guarantee of legality. Customers should contact local law enforcement for clarification.

State DS-15 Type Mag Capacity LE Exempt Notes
California Fixed Mag, Featureless 10 Duty Use Only w/ Letter No .50 Caliber.  No DS-15 or DS-9 pistols.
Colorado Standard 15 Duty Use Only w/ Letter  
Connecticut Fixed Mag, Firearm (Non-NFA) 10 No Under 21 years old - 5 Rounds and 30" minimum length. Fixed Mag Pistols Allowed
Hawaii Standard 10   Fixed Mag Pistols Allowed
Illinois See Notes 10 No in Chicago,
Duty Use Only w/ Letter Elsewhere
Semiauto rifles prohibited in Aurora, Chicago or Cook County,
Fixed Mag only in City of Highland Park
Indiana Post Ban     Cities of Gary and East Chicago
Maryland HBAR, Standard 30 Yes DS-15 Lightning (Standard), other DS-15's HBAR Only. DS-9 and DS-10 Standard
Massachusets Post Ban, Fixed Mag 10 No Post Ban DS-9 only. DS-10 and DS-15 must be Fixed Mag
New Jersey Post Ban, Firearm (Non-NFA) 10 No Fixed Mag Pistols Allowed
New York Fixed Mag or
10 (5 in NYC) Yes No DS-15's in NYC.  Fixed Mag Pistols varies by County.
Puerto Rico Post Ban Any Duty Use Only w/ Letter No Springfield XD, XD-M or XD-S Pistols
Washington DC Fixed Mag or
10 Duty Use Only w/ Letter .50 BMG Prohibited

Returns and Defective Product

Your satisfaction is important to Dark Storm Industries. If you need to return a product, we will make every reasonable effort to satisfy you.

  • Proof of purchase is required for all returns. This is your printed register receipt for in store purchases or order # for online sales linked to your account.
  • Returns or exchanges must be processed within 30 days of purchase. All returns or exchanges must be in new, unused, sale-able condition unless it is defective.
  • There are no returns or exchanges on firearms, ammunition, body armor, stun guns, tasers, pepper spray, discontinued, or clearance items.
  • Training may be rescheduled without any additional fees, but it non-cancellable / non-refundable
  • A 20% restocking fee will apply to all order cancellations or changes. This includes delayed NICS transactions that are requested to be cancelled.
  • A $50.00 fee will be assessed on all NICS Deny Refunds.
  • Items with prices ending in "XX.77" are discontinued and/or clearance items
  • If you transfer in a firearm that is not compliant or you are unable to possess, the firearm will be shipped back at your expense. By attempting to transfer non-compliant guns, you will also forfeit your transfer fee. 
  • If you order a firearm that is NOT legal in your location, a 20% restocking fee will be assessed upon the order being refunded.

Please contact our customer service department via email at info@dark-storm.com or phone at 800-963-7700 to obtain an RMA # prior to shipping your item back to us.