Illinois Legal AR-15 Rifles


Yes, you can own an AR-15 in Illinois. Illinois law PA102-1116, also known as PICA, presents a variety of restrictions and allowances on rifles, pistols, and firearms that are compliant or legal to purchase and own. If you live in IL, this page will assist you in selecting which Dark Storm Industries rifles and pistols are options for you.

Fixed magazine models are legal for civilian purchase in Illinois.

You can also purchase a fixed magazine stripped lower receiver and other associated parts to complete a compliant rifle or pistol build of your own. If you have never built an AR-style rifle before but are interested in learning how, please take a look at our new DSI Builder Boxes.

Also, check out these Ejection Port Loaders for faster fixed mag reloads!


1. How do I know that these are legal?
   Remember that laws tell you what you cannot do or have, not what you can do. You can learn more about the PICA law on the Illinois State Police website HERE

2. Obviously, you are biased as you make the rifle. Who else thinks it is legal?
   DSI retained Barr & Klien PLLC, a prominent Illinois-based law firm specializing in Constitutional law, to prepare an analysis of the product and the law. You can download a copy of their analysis letter HERE

3. Aren't all semi-auto rifles illegal in IL now?
   No, you can use the link above and read FAQ #5 which refers you to the ISP guide, which contains a flowchart on page 83. This guide also specifically references the SKS, a fixed magazine AK variant, as being legal on page 18. Our fixed magazine is the AR equivalent of the SKS.

4. **Can you provide a link to the ISP Assault Weapon Identification Guide?**
   Sure, you may find that HERE


Illinois Fixed Mag Letter