Why a 3.0 oz Bufffer

by Edward Newman

I get asked often as to why we use a 3.0 oz carbine (C3.0) buffer in our rifles.  The question often takes on the form of "why don't you use a H2 or 4.5 oz buffer like the mil-spec".  The answer takes on a couple of forms.  First, the true mil-spec rifle is a system which includes ammunition.  Any deviation from this system can and will yield diffrerent results.  Consumers run different ammuniton than mil-spec and the rifles often have other differences, such as a 16" vs 14.5" barrel.  Secondly, it was our mindset is to develop the rifle's direct impingement system to be balanced with a 3.0 oz buffer to reduced felt recoil.  The heavier the mass cycling the more felt recoil.  As semi-automatic rifles cycle at a lower rate than automatic rifles, there is not the need to slow the action with a heavier buffer.  The third factor is the use of a supressor.  If a rifle is optimized for non-suppressed fire with an H2 buffer, you would need to change to a rare and expensive H3 or H4 to bring the rifle back into balance with the suppressor,  It is much easier and more economical to move from a C3.0 to an H2 to balance a suppressor.  Based on these factors we believe it is in the best interest of our customers for our rifles to be designed around a standard C3.0 buffer

Ed Newman


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