New Jersey Legal Firearms

New Jersey State

New Jersey has a variety of restrictions on rifles, pistols and firearms that are compliant or legal to purchase and own.  If you live in NJ, this page will assist you in selecting what Dark Storm Industries rifles, pistols and firearms are options for you.

New Jersey allows the following configurations:

  • Post-Ban - Fixed Stock, Non-Threaded or Pinned Compensator (no flash hider) with Pistol Grip
  • Firearm Non-NFA - Adjustable Pistol Brace, 26" Overall Length, Front Vertical Grip (NJSP Approval Letter)
  • Fixed Mag - Adjustable Stock, Pistol Grip, Threaded Barrel - Magazine is NOT removable - Load with a Bear Flag Ejection Port Loader or top load with the upper pivoted open.
  • Featureless - Fixed Rifle Stock, Non-Threaded or Pinned Compensator (no flash hider)

All New Jersey firearms are limited to 10 round Magazines