Range FAQ

Long Island's State of the Art Heated Indoor Gun Shooting Range


  • The range is 50' overall which results in a maximum tip to target distance of approx 12 yards
  • The range has 6 points or lanes, one of which is ADA wheelchair rated
  • The range is rated to .50 for pistol, .50 for low velocity rifle and .308 for high velocity rifle
  • Steel core, Armor piercing, Explosive, Incendiary or Tracer rounds are prohibited
  • The ventilation system meets or exceeds the latest OSHA / NIOSH / ASHRAE standards
  • The ventilation system uses 100% fresh air and completes an air change approximately once per minute
  • The ventilation system heats the incoming air to 65 degrees during the winter season

Range Usage

  • Range is open to the public, members, training classes, firearm demos and experience sessions.
  • Sessions are one hour with an extra 5 minutes allotted for set up in the lane.
  • Lanes are subject to availability and first come first served
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the range without parent or guardian direct supervision
  • Eye and ear protection are required at all times while in the range


  • Guest passes are included with memberships and available for purchase seperately
  • Members are limited to 1 guest per visit

Firearms & Ammunition

  • Pistols - up to .500 S&W is allowed
  • Rifles (Up to 2000 FPS) .50 caliber is allows
  • Rifle (Over 2000 FPS) .308 caliber maximum is allowed
  • Rifle .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf is are allowed
  • Rifle .30-06 is allowed
  • Rifle .338 Lapua is prohibited
  • Rifle .50 BMG is prohibited
  • Shotgun slugs are allowed
  • Shotgun bird and buckshot are prohibited
  • Shotguns without a should stock (i.e. pistol grip and shockwaves) are prohibited

Gun Rentals

  • Must be 18 to rent rifles
  • Must be 21 and posses a valid NYS pistol permit or LE credentials to rent pistols
  • Limit 1 rifle or pistol rental at a time
  • Must purchase and use our ammunition in rentals